The Foodening

Hello hungry peoples!
So I am trying to have hobbies. My lack of any discernible talent  has made this a difficult process. Why am I not good at things?! Sure I have invested no time in actually becoming good at any things. I am waiting for some kind of matrix style downloadable thingy. Then I will be a renaissance woman. Also I am old and tired and learning things is hard. I still feel cheated that I have moved passed the point of being a child prodigy in anything. Surely I am still a caterpillar about to blossom into some kind of marathon running, genius supermodel. Sure my shrimpy stature, average brain and dislike of running fast precludes a fair amount/or all of this but it could still come good right?

So what are potential solutions:

Crafty Stuff: Crafty stuff seems like it would require an investment in both equipment and also learning things. Again learning things. Super hassles.

Musical Stuff: My musical skills are largely limited to my childhood where I worked my way through recorder, flute and piano. Makes me sound like some kind of musical genius but frankly I was never good at any of them. I think revisiting any of these would require a fair amount of getting instruments plus learning scales/notes/reading music again and who can be bothered. Plus what will I do with these skills once I have acquired them? Play in jazz bars in a sparkly dress? Unlikely!

Food Stuff: A fairly large chunk of my life is devoted to getting food and making food, mostly to facilitate the eating of food. My childhood was largely filled with boiled vegetables, burnt chops and a plethora of mayonnaise or tomato sauce sandwiches. This has probably lead to a mild obsession with being able to consume something more expansive than a condiment sandwich filling.

Food stuff does seem like the easiest solution. Path of least resistance here we come!

So what is this thing going to be? I would say I am documenting my food journey but I always cringe when they say that on Masterchef. So lame. Instead this is going to be me discussing what I am eating, sharing tried and tested recipes (as well as disasters) and discussing new ones. I’ll try to post every week unless life seriously encroaches know…..I find something better to do.

p.s. My hubby tells me that people like photos. For this blog I took 0 photos. Instead enjoy a random cute cat photo.
p.p.s. I don’t actually have a cat but I am told by people in the know that the web is filled with cute cat photos. I even made it food related. Enjoy!




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