Pistachio Green Beans

This is the next in my slow cooked Greek Roast series so today I make a delicious side to go with the big hunk of meat you have made. This dish is pretty simple but has great flavours, combining butter, garlic, pistachios and beans. It also looks gorgeous with its bright green colours. Get it in your belly.

Innes Boatshed – Batemans Bay

Canberra is sadly lacking in fresh seafood. So is much of the coast, since nearly all of the catch gets sent up to the Sydney markets. There are a few little havens though, which get their catch from the neighbourhood fishermen direct. One of my favourite is the Innes Boatshed at Batemans Bay, a historic family owned business.

Slow Cooked Greek Roast

Today we are going to discuss one of my go to family/entertaining dishes. It requires time but very little skill, which is my kind of cooking. I love throwing everything into the oven and just cooking the heck out of it. Refined and delicate cooking I struggle with. If you have eaten at my house (and not vegetarian) you would have had this at least once as I make it all the freakin time. Christmas….birthdays….this meal is the solution to the problem you didn’t know you had.

Paint It Up – The Duxton

Today we are going to multitask, combining creating *art* and shoving food down my gullet. My friend Sophie introduced me to the concept of ‘Paint It Up’ and frankly I love everything about it. They have a series of art classes where you work on creating your own version of a specific painting in two hours. The style and type of painting varies between each class significantly. Some days you are painting Edvard Munch’s ”The Scream’, others you will be trying Monet’s “Waterlily’s”. Today we are visiting “The Duxton” to paint a sunset scene.

Andrea’s Heart Attack Brownies

I have been on a bit of a brownie kick lately. It is probably crazy hormones but I have been craving some chocolately goodness. Thankfully I know a brownie expert. My sister-in-law wrote a whole blog devoted to brownies. This is her favourite brownie recipe.

Movenpick Ice-cream

I recently visited Movenpick for a food blogging event. Movenpick are a famous Swiss ice-cream company that have been kicking around since 1948. They have over 400 stores in 40 different countries. That is a lot of ice cream people. For a while the ice cream was only available for restaurant sales, and even when it became more widely available you have to visit a speciality store to get it. Luckily for us Movenpick has now opened on the Kingston Foreshore. You can now fill you little tummies with all the ice cream it can take.

Cooking Circles – Bush Tucker Workshop

I recently attended a Cooking Circle event, specialising in Bush Tucker. Normally these events are hosted in someones home and we cook one of the hosts recipes. This event was a bit different. First it was a large crowd of around 20 people and it was hosted at Foodish, the cooking school associated with the Belconnen markets. We made a series of dishes highlighting Australian native ingredients.

HomeTaste Profile – Sharda

I was recently welcomed into the home of Sharda and her family to experience a true authentic indian feast. Sharda is a new chef who will be cooking for HomeTaste.

Bill’s Eggs

I recently visited Bill Granger’s restaurant in Sydney. This is a place famous for it’s scrambled eggs and lucky for you I have the recipe.