HomeTaste Profile – Chef Udaya at Claypot Chef

I was recently welcomed into the Claypot Chef by Chef Udaya and his lovely wife Chushani, where we literally talked and ate for hours on end. Chef Udaya is a new chef cooking for HomeTaste. Prior research on the internet had uncovered a lot of love for his place. People rave about it and there is a devoted following. My study of the menu also revealed a plethora dishes I have never tried before so I arrived with a fair degree of excitement.

HomeTaste “Cooked with Love and Care”

I am working with HomeTaste, a new uber like company for food delivery connecting home chefs and facilitating access to their food. Every few weeks there will be a new chef profile, discussing their approach to food and their culinary heritage. Watch this space.

Pork, Fennel and Apple Pizza

Coming up with a new and exciting pizza topping is hard people. Everything has been done to death. Thus my excitement at coming up with something I have never had anywhere before. I know it sounds weird but it is super dooper delicious. Apple and pork are meant to be together and by keeping the apple slices very thin, they get lovely and crispy.

G-Tree Cafe

I recently visited G-Tree Cafe in Gungahlin. This is one of my favourite kid friendly venues.

Pappa Rich

A food adventure to Pappa-rich and two copycat recipes so you can feast on it at home.

Cooking Circles – Russian Pelmeni

I attend a “Cooking Circle” event to make Russian Pelmeni dumplings. Cooking Circles are about women connecting over the joy of making and sharing food together.

38 Espresso

I visit 38 Espresso on the Kingston Foreshore