Bombay Potatoes

I share my recipe for Bombay potatoes, the perfect side for any spicy dish.

Perfect Bircher Muesli

Hello hungry peoples, I have reached an age where certain things are non-negotiable – have I slept for 8 hours, have I done some exercise, have I had a serve of fruit between each meal, have I eaten any nuts, have I had yoghurt today…….the list goes on and on and it is exhausting even…

Ginger Mohito

Hello hungry peoples, This cocktail is inspired by one I enjoyed on a comedy cruise out of Sydney. I have long sworn off boats, after I used to get paid to work on them. The concept of paying someone else for the privilidge of extreme motion sickness seems insane to me. I thought I would…

Healthy Apricot Almond Yoghurt Cake

Hello hungry peoples, I have to confess that this poor blog has been a bit neglected lately. I seem to be running out of puff towards the end of this year. I did however finally get around to joining ”cake club” at my work which has given me some baking impetus. I didn’t come up…

Corn bread

I share my recipe for the moistest corn bread.