I share my recipe for some Japanese street food, the delicious Okonomiyaki

Queso Fundido

I share my recipe for Queso Fundido “molten cheese”

My fancy pants website

Hello hungry peoples, My hubby and I have just spent an entire weekend rebuilding my website. Romantic times indeed! It involved building servers, coding and something called SEO (believe me you don’t want to know….sooooooo boring). There will probably be some teething problems but you can bask in its gorgeous glory. So pretty! All recipes…

Duchess Potatoes

We are now into week 3 of my Greek Roast series. We have already created the roast and a side of pistachio green beans and now we will finish it off with some amazing duchess potatoes. It has always caused me great sadness that hubby hates mashed potatoes. Seriously….who does that? This has led to entire years without a mashed spud in sight. Then I took up the challenge – to make a mashed potato that my hubby will happily eat. Thankfully, for the good of my sanity, I have found my solution.

My Gungahlin Review – Delikase Filipino Restaurant

Gungahlin is a great place for a foody. There is a plethora of Asian, Indian and Italian eateries across our broad expanse. It is unusual though for a new place to open up that exposes us to an entirely different cuisine. Luckily for us we now have our own local Fillipino Restaurant. No more traipsing down to Weston for us, which I think we can all agree is a fabulous thing. Better yet a new food home delivery service will bring it right to your door.