Dish Spotlight – Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is a North Indian dish. Shahi translates to “royal” so this is a royal dish made of a spicy gravy with¬†indian cheese, yes oh my! ¬†First lets discuss paneer. Paneer is a form of Indian cheese treasured for its light, fluffy texture similar to cottage cheese but a million times better in terms of flavour. It’s creamy lightness adds a fantastic contrast to spicy gravies, which is largely why it is used in a variety of Indian curries. It can be purchased commercially but tends to have a tougher texture and lack some of the lightness of home made varieties. Luckily it is super easy to make at home, requiring only milk and lemon juice and a little time. The gravy of the dish is similar to a butter chicken, made up of cream, tomatoes and spices. The dish is usually eaten with roti, rice or, on special occasions, naan.

Sharda at Hometaste makes an amazing Shahi Paneer. In fact it is her favourite dish.

Shahi Paneer  Source: Wikipedia commons
Shahi Paneer
Source: Wikipedia commons



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