HomeTaste “Cooked with Love and Care”

Hello hungry peoples,
Exciting food related news. I am working with HomeTaste. “What is a HomeTaste?” you ask. It’s a new uber like food delivery service in Canberra. It brings together a community of cooks and chefs, from all kinds of different cultural backgrounds and provides a space where you can order any of their food for dinner any day of the week. Unlike Menulog, the menu changes daily and this is real authentic home style cooked food.┬áSounds amazing right?

So what I am doing for them? The website also forms a community space, with blogs and recipes. They have asked me to profile their chefs and cooks, as well as try their favourite dishes and write about it. Toughest job in the world! This is amazing for me because I get to go behind the scenes into their kitchens, learn their techniques and food culture and probably burst at the seams from overeating. This will also be good for you dear reader. I’ll be introducing you to hidden gems and some of the best chefs and cooks in Canberra as well as pilfering some of their favourite recipes. I am swooning with excitement.

Anyway there will be heaps of content coming your way soon. Here are some teaser photos.



Sharda and her lovely daughter-in-law

Laddoo Balls

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