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Hello hungry peoples,

My hubby and I have just spent an entire weekend rebuilding my website. Romantic times indeed! It involved building servers, coding and something called SEO (believe me you don’t want to know….sooooooo boring). There will probably be some teething problems but you can bask in its gorgeous glory. So pretty!

All recipes now contain extra information such as calories per serve. I apologise to my Australian readers but it had to be calories and not kilo joules. Also one of the side effects is that all of my published recipes are now on My Fitness Pal. I am actually a big fan of this software. I have used it a few times when the baby weight just became regular weight. It is also free and, for something you don’t pay for, works remarkably well. To be honest I was surprised by the healthiness of my recipes. I don’t hold back on cream or butter and was really expecting the worst. It turns out there are some upsides to making everything from scratch.

There is one major downside though. My “follow by email” hasn’t carried over from the old site. If you are a subscriber you will have to do it again. Sorry guys. There is a new field at the bottom of the screen and you can subscribe again. Hopefully this will be the last time.

Cheers and thanks for reading.



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  1. Justin Higgins says:

    I thought it was romantic.

    1. khiggins says:

      I was being geniune. It IS romantic!

  2. Justin Higgins says:

    Oh look, someone made your site have HTTPS, fixed mixed content errors and made your site faster.

    Pixies, I guess.

    1. khiggins says:

      Internet pixies

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