Me eating things in different countries


Hello hungry peoples,

So I have been travelling for the last few weeks in England¬†and Iceland eating all that can be possibly be eaten. This is a heads up that there are a whole heap of posts coming up about the food in these countries. Oh my god, there was so……much……food! I did draw the line at eating whale in Iceland. I felt morally conflicted (even though Mink whale is not technically endangered) plus I have heard from several sources that it is super fatty, to the point of being gross. My decision may have been different if I had been told it was the most delicious¬†thing ever.

While this is not technically a travel blog, there will also be a couple posts about what I did in these countries. I am not much of a traditional tourist. I hate going to places just to see them and tick them off some imagined life goals list. I would much rather go to a place and do something, experience something. Anyways, there is so much content coming your way. Strap yourselves in!


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