Dish Spotlight – Lamprais


Lamprais is a classic Dutch Burgher delicacy served in Sri Lanka. It represents a true melding of cultures with the European Burghers  settling in the area sometime in the 16th century.  This is a complex and time consuming dish to make, with many families having treasured recipes that go back generations. The first cook involves many elements including a mix of rice cooked in a flavourful stock, meatballs, fish balls, a sambol (for heat), a Sri Lankan meat curry and possibly a deep fried egg. This makes for a very rich dinner full of contrasting flavours. The individual components are then gently parcelled up together  into a banana leaf for baking, infusing the ingredients with woody earthy tones. It is typically served in the banana leaf forming a perfect little lunchbox full of deliciousness!

You can order Lamprais from Chef Udaya at Hometaste here.


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  1. How delicious Karen!

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