Bombay Potatoes

I share my recipe for Bombay potatoes, the perfect side for any spicy dish.


I share my recipe for gazpacho – delicious both hot and cold!

Duchess Potatoes

We are now into week 3 of my Greek Roast series. We have already created the roast and a side of pistachio green beans and now we will finish it off with some amazing duchess potatoes. It has always caused me great sadness that hubby hates mashed potatoes. Seriously….who does that? This has led to entire years without a mashed spud in sight. Then I took up the challenge – to make a mashed potato that my hubby will happily eat. Thankfully, for the good of my sanity, I have found my solution.

Pistachio Green Beans

This is the next in my slow cooked Greek Roast series so today I make a delicious side to go with the big hunk of meat you have made. This dish is pretty simple but has great flavours, combining butter, garlic, pistachios and beans. It also looks gorgeous with its bright green colours. Get it in your belly.