Ginger Mohito

Hello hungry peoples, This cocktail is inspired by one I enjoyed on a comedy cruise out of Sydney. I have long sworn off boats, after I used to get paid to work on them. The concept of paying someone else for the privilidge of extreme motion sickness seems insane to me. I thought I would…

Healthy Apricot Almond Yoghurt Cake

Hello hungry peoples, I have to confess that this poor blog has been a bit neglected lately. I seem to be running out of puff towards the end of this year. I did however finally get around to joining ”cake club” at my work which has given me some baking impetus. I didn’t come up…

Corn bread

I share my recipe for the moistest corn bread.

Plum Pudding Bites

I share my recipe for my new favourite Xmas dessert – Plum Pudding Bites

Duchess Potatoes

We are now into week 3 of my Greek Roast series. We have already created the roast and a side of pistachio green beans and now we will finish it off with some amazing duchess potatoes. It has always caused me great sadness that hubby hates mashed potatoes. Seriously….who does that? This has led to entire years without a mashed spud in sight. Then I took up the challenge – to make a mashed potato that my hubby will happily eat. Thankfully, for the good of my sanity, I have found my solution.

Slow Cooked Greek Roast

Today we are going to discuss one of my go to family/entertaining dishes. It requires time but very little skill, which is my kind of cooking. I love throwing everything into the oven and just cooking the heck out of it. Refined and delicate cooking I struggle with. If you have eaten at my house (and not vegetarian) you would have had this at least once as I make it all the freakin time. Christmas….birthdays….this meal is the solution to the problem you didn’t know you had.

Andrea’s Heart Attack Brownies

I have been on a bit of a brownie kick lately. It is probably crazy hormones but I have been craving some chocolately goodness. Thankfully I know a brownie expert. My sister-in-law wrote a whole blog devoted to brownies. This is her favourite brownie recipe.