Korean Fried Chicken

I share my recipe for the upcoming food trend, the super delicious Korean fried chicken

My Bun Cha

My recipe for a delicious Vietnamese pork salad called “My Bun Cha” .

HomeTaste Profile – Chef Udaya at Claypot Chef

I was recently welcomed into the Claypot Chef by Chef Udaya and his lovely wife Chushani, where we literally talked and ate for hours on end. Chef Udaya is a new chef cooking for HomeTaste. Prior research on the internet had uncovered a lot of love for his place. People rave about it and there is a devoted following. My study of the menu also revealed a plethora dishes I have never tried before so I arrived with a fair degree of excitement.

Pappa Rich

A food adventure to Pappa-rich and two copycat recipes so you can feast on it at home.

Copy Cat Mee’s Sushi

I visit Mee’s Sushi in Kingston and share a copycat recipe for their best selling chicken schnitzel sushi.

Vietnamese Pancakes

I share my recipe for a classic Vietnamese street food, sizzling pancakes.