I visit gastropub Shortys in Civic that is doing some interesting foodie things.

My Gungahlin Review – Delikase Filipino Restaurant

Gungahlin is a great place for a foody. There is a plethora of Asian, Indian and Italian eateries across our broad expanse. It is unusual though for a new place to open up that exposes us to an entirely different cuisine. Luckily for us we now have our own local Fillipino Restaurant. No more traipsing down to Weston for us, which I think we can all agree is a fabulous thing. Better yet a new food home delivery service will bring it right to your door.

Innes Boatshed – Batemans Bay

Canberra is sadly lacking in fresh seafood. So is much of the coast, since nearly all of the catch gets sent up to the Sydney markets. There are a few little havens though, which get their catch from the neighbourhood fishermen direct. One of my favourite is the Innes Boatshed at Batemans Bay, a historic family owned business.

Movenpick Ice-cream

I recently visited Movenpick for a food blogging event. Movenpick are a famous Swiss ice-cream company that have been kicking around since 1948. They have over 400 stores in 40 different countries. That is a lot of ice cream people. For a while the ice cream was only available for restaurant sales, and even when it became more widely available you have to visit a speciality store to get it. Luckily for us Movenpick has now opened on the Kingston Foreshore. You can now fill you little tummies with all the ice cream it can take.

HomeTaste Profile – Chef Udaya at Claypot Chef

I was recently welcomed into the Claypot Chef by Chef Udaya and his lovely wife Chushani, where we literally talked and ate for hours on end. Chef Udaya is a new chef cooking for HomeTaste. Prior research on the internet had uncovered a lot of love for his place. People rave about it and there is a devoted following. My study of the menu also revealed a plethora dishes I have never tried before so I arrived with a fair degree of excitement.

G-Tree Cafe

I recently visited G-Tree Cafe in Gungahlin. This is one of my favourite kid friendly venues.

Pappa Rich

A food adventure to Pappa-rich and two copycat recipes so you can feast on it at home.

38 Espresso

I visit 38 Espresso on the Kingston Foreshore